• ""Dr. Cebula tried something no other dr. tried. He used a few topical compounds to treat the pain. One of the compounds cured one pain point in my mouth within weeks. None of the last 25 doctors could get that kind of result.""
    Chris R. from review on yelp
  • ""I'm so thankful for finding Dr. Cebula - he's friendly and very knowledgable; he took the time to understand the pain I was feeling and recommended great treatment options that worked!""
    Jenn W. from review on yelp
  • ""Dr. Cebula did an amazing and thorough job examining my pain, testing all different parts of my head, neck, jaw, teeth, posture, and medical history in order to identify, diagnose, and recommend a treatment for my pain. He did many medical tests that my regular dentist did not do, and found that my problem was muscular, not due to the bite. He used a holistic approach to find the root cause of my pain and proceeded from there. Instead of recommending more changes to my bite (such as filing my teeth and using an appliance), Dr. Cebula recommended stretches and other treatments that worked! My pain has almost entirely gone away, and is much better than before.""
    David S. from review on yelp
  • ""Its been over a month and I'm happy to report my TMJ is no longer a problem. Thank you Dr. Cebula for taking the time and educating me through a very difficult and painful experience.""
    Morgan B from review on yelp
  • "Very thoughtful, very considerate.
    Just gives you the facts, answers the questions, and gives good advice.
    The kind of service you'd want from any medical provider."
    Mark G.
  • "Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to excellent patient care. As a nurse of 40 years, I do know that the health care field is a difficult yet highly rewarding one. Your devotion is obvious. I wanted to make it known to you, that I don’t take excellent care for granted. I appreciate it very much when it is given to me."
    Sheila B.

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